What Will My Payment Be?

Feel Free To Use The Below Mortgage Calculator

This will give you an estimate of what your payment will be, however only your lender can give you an exact payment amount, and they will not be able to do that until you have an accepted offer on your new home. This is due to the variance in property taxes, mello roos (special tax assessments), HOA fees, etc…

Tips For Using The Calculator:

If you are obtaining an FHA Loan, please input 1.36 into the PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) field. If you are obtaining VA or Conventional Financing, please use 0.67 for the PMI field.

The property taxes will initially be based on the sales price of your property. You can use 1.6% as an average for property taxes in Lancaster and Palmdale. If you are looking at a home in Rosamond or North of Avenue A, you can use 1.4% as an average (property taxes are cheaper in Kern County). Example: If your purchase price is $150,000.00 then you need to input $2,400.00 for property taxes in LA County, or $2,100.00 in Kern County.

Once you have filled in all of the fields, press the Calculate button, and you will see an estimate what your payment will be and an amortization schedule.


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